Friends of DAA

We are very proud of our parent group 'Friends of DAA'. They meet each half term. They are set objectives which they aim to solve in positive ways. The group's objectives for this school year have been:

1) Fundraising - lead at least three events that engage parents and raise funds for our children.

2) Ensure that all parents in each year group are engaged in school life and attend the range of events available to them.

Friends of DAA are also looking closely at how to ensure that all parents cross the road outside school safely.


Parent Events

At Dixons Allerton Academy, we work very hard to make sure that parents have the chance to be involved in their child's education. We want to provide as many opportunities for parents to be involved as possible. Every class hosts one parent workshop every six weeks.

Stay and learn

Nursery parents have the opportunity to stay and learn with their child every day. Reception, Year 1, Year 2 and Year 3 parents have stay and learn sessions every Monday and Friday.

Stay and Learn are excellent opportunities to join your child in class, look in their learning journeys, speak to the teachers, look at that week's planning and find out how to help your child at home.

Parent Library

We are very proud of our parent library. Parents have the opportunity to come and choose a book to read at home. Many of our parents have already borrowed books and said how much they enjoyed them.

Showing children that we are readers as adults is an important way to promote reading for our children.