Dixons Allerton Primary

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Message from the Principal

Message from the Head of School

At Dixons Allerton Primary Academy, our core values are happiness, respect and achievement. It is our aim to ensure that our children leave our Primary Phase with joyful memories of their childhood and days in school. We strive to make learning as interesting and purposeful as possible.

Creating a school culture built on respect is another aim. Our children learn to respect themselves, each other and their surroundings. Our family dining routines and joyful school culture help us to create a climate of mutual respect in our school community.

Ensuring that children achieve, both in terms of being able to read, write and calculate to the national standard as well as personally in terms of achieving mindfulness and a strong sense of self esteem are also extremely important. Our children learn to master a range of skills by practicing them every day. Our children master skills around woodwork, clay work, painting, sewing, gardening and drawing. We aim for every child to discover what they are the best in the world at.

Gary Dreher - Academy Principal